How to reach us

IEIIT-BO is located within the Faculty of Engineering, in Viale Risorgimento 2, 40136,Bologna.
Once you get inside the Faculty, it is possible to ask for information at the central porter's lodge, on the right of the entrance.

Walking from the city center

From the city center (Piazza Maggiore), you walk through Via D'Azeglio, since you get to the cross-road between Via de' Carbonesi and Via Farini. Now you go on with Via de' Carbonesi, Via Collegio di Spagna and Via Saragozza. Once you arrive in Piazza di Porta Saragozza, cross it and go on with Via Saragozza. On your left there is Viale Risorgimento, a street with an ascent (on your left there are the Cassarini' Gardens). The Faculty of Engineering is located on the top of the ascent.

From the airport to the railway station

Bus BLQ connects the airport to the railway station. You may also take a taxi from the airport. The trip is around 20 minutes (barring traffic jams). For airport information, call 31.15.78 or 31.22.59. Bologna has direct flights to and from NY(USA), Barcellona(E), Bruxelles(B), Frankfurt(D), Lisbon(P), London(GB), Milan(I), Munich(D), Nice(F), Paris(F), Rome(I), Vienna(A) and others.

From the railway station by bus

When you exit the station, you have the bus stop in front of you. You have to take the bus number 33.You cannot buy tickets on board. You may purchase them either at "tobacco shops" that display the big "T" shield outside, or at newsagents.Multi-ride tickets "city-pass" can be obtained at discount prices. The trip takes about 10 minutes. The direction of travel with respect to the station exit is towards the right. The number 33 bus goes on with the "Viali": you have to get off at the "Liceo Righi" bus stop. Bologna is the most important railway node in Italy and is quickly reachable by train from all major Italian cities as well as many other European cities. Approximate train travel times to/from Bologna: Rome: 4 hours; Milan: 2 hours; Venice: 2 hours; Florence: 1 hour.

By car

From Milano (A1) exit at Bologna Borgo Panigale, from Padova (A13) exit at Bologna Arcoveggio, from Ancona (A14) exit at Bologna S. Lazzaro, from Firenze (A1) exit at Bologna Casalecchio. Take the "Tangenziale" and exit at "Fiera District" (number 7) . Follow Via Stalingrado in the direction "centre" until you reach the "Viali", a three lane road for each direction. "Viali" sorround the city centre which is closed to traffic until 8.00 p.m. Once you arrive to "Viali", go on to Porta Saragozza (south-east). Once you are in Porta Saragozza, you turn right to Via Saragozza and after about 50 meters, you turn left to Via Albergati. At the end of Via Albergati, you turn left (it is a one way street) and you are at the main entrance of the Faculty of Engineering.