Integration and Services for Broadband

Coordinator: Prof. G. Mazzini
WP2 Coordinator: Ing. Cesare Fontana
WP5 Coordinator: Eng. Alberto Roversi

Project duration: 2004-2006

Partners: CNIT (National Consortium Interuniversity for Telecommunications), Digicittà, Eurocom, eWings, Tecnotel, Tekmar

The InSeBaLa project "Integration and Services for the Broadband: distributed desk for public administration" has both technology and services purposes.

The technological goals are oriented to create an advanced regional network, integrated in the technologies, integrated in the media, integrated and interoperable in the available resources, optimized as a whole or in some sub-bases according to merit figures to be defined and able to homogenize new technologies.

The service-related aims include the creation of some pilot services, oriented to show the advantages offered by the integration and optimization of resources in terms of accessibility, coverage and technical / economic compromise.

The application scenario is initially oriented to the public administration and aims to standardize the services usable from the workstation, allowing a high freedom of movement, making available everywhere high-tech, ubiquitous and pervasive services.

Achieved results:

  • Call from Desk (PC) to TETRA radio.
  • TETRA radio call to Desk (PC).
  • Call from TETRA radio to GSM cell phone.
  • Call from TETRA radio to landline phone.