VICom – Virtual Immersive Communications


(Virtual Immersive Communications)

National Coordinator: Prof. F.Vatalaro
Local coordinator: Prof. O.Andrisano
Project duration: 2002-2005.

The project VICom (Virtual Immersive Communications) is a FIRB project (Italian Fund for Basic Research), funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR), which took place from 2002 to 2006.

It participates at the IEIIT-BO / CNR (Institute of Electronics and Information Engineering and Telecommunications Council, Section of Bologna), some universities of the CNIT (National Inter-university Consortium for Telecommunications), and entities such as Telecom Italy Learning Services and the Istituto Superiore delle Comunicazioni.

The VICom project aims to investigate the enabling technologies for Virtual Immersive Telepresence services that rely on integrated networks of different nature, such as radio sensor networks, ad hoc networks and 2.5G and 3G mobile radio networks.
The VIT (Virtual Immersive Telepresence) consists of the set of techniques that allow the user to interact with the environment and with other users, in order to obtain information from the context, exchange relevant data and access various types of services.

In addition to basic and advanced research topics, one of the main objectives of the project is the realization of two demonstrators of immersive technologies, with particular emphasis on the use of wireless and network technologies:

  • Demonstrator "Mobility in Immersive Environments" (MIE) for smart indoor and outdoor scenarios, both pedestrian and vehicular, in which the user exchanges information with the environment.
  • "Virtual Immersive Learning" (VIL) demonstrator for teledidattica scenarios and collaborative work.

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