Wireless on FPGA

Wireless systems using FPGA circuits

Signal processing through digital circuits performed in FPGA

  • DVB-T modulator
  • Eco canceller for DVB-T
  • Multirate filter design
  • Linear Predistorter for Analogue Channel Filters
  • Non-Linear Predistorter for PA

DVB-T modulator

Block diagram of the design of an OFDM modulator made entirely of FPGA

Bench Modulator Measurement Chart:

DVB-T constellations: 64-QAM and 16-QAM

DVB-T signal spectrum

Modulator test scheme with commercial receiver

Echo canceller for DVB-T repeaters

Scenario: Extension of the coverage area of the terrestrial digital signal through isofrequency repeaters

   Problem: Possible presence of echoes with risk of interruption of the television service

   Solution: DVB-T repeater equipped with echo canceller

Block diagram of the echo canceller

Schematic diagram for the eraser

Counter measurements of echo cancellation


Multi-rate filter design

Measurement of the amplitude characteristic of the filter made in FPGA


Linear Predistorter for Analogue Channel Filters

Mask to insert compensator curves of the predistorter

Measurement of the linear pre-distortion


Non-Linear Predistorter for PA